alien story

the alien story is an ongoing story on the @wormbugs
twitter account. here you can find all the entries in the story.

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pre story

april 10 2020 -
sorry everyone but aliens arrive tonight i just got the message

april 11 2020 -
aliens have arrived they are walking the streets
do not say hi probably and close the windows probably

april 13 2020 -
getting ready for the trip into space to save people from the alien planet
i think we need a bigger crew will anyone come with

(space crew established of captain, security, pilot, and mantenince. security wants tang.
the space crew is searching for 2 people taken from their home)

log entries

april 14 2020 - day 1
we are passing jupiter right now and things are going well,
somebody has dumped tang into the water supply so that's all we can drink but it's okay

day 2
passing neptune and eating lots of things in the kitchen.
dont know what most of it is to be honest

day 3
as pluto slowly fades away from view we now get ready to pass through the oort cloud,
once we leave we will activate the super fast mode

day 4
we have entered hyperspace! a mystery liquid has leaked into the kitchen somehow
it is bubbling and strange, is time moving differently? taking notes

day 5
we are passing the time by throwing things at eachother and watching them warp into spacetime never to be seen again.
sometimes little bottles of liquid seep out where stuff went in

day 6
we made it to the solar system! during hyperspeed security thought she saw me in the engine room and i thought i saw her in the kitchen.
a fuel cell reacted with tang and exploded all over the kitchen. not saying it was her, but...

day 7
the planet is in our sights. as we approach we start scanning for signals.
the pilot is expertly ready, maintenance is stretching, and security is roaring to go

day 8
a little more than a week and we are here. the crew has done a great job tomorrow we will enter the atmosphere and search for our friends. far from earth now

day ???
floating isnt fun anymore. maybe ill try spinning. i think i see the girl

day 9
entering a new world above the clouds! we see signals of our friends and will land tomorrow. no alien signals at all

day 10 missing. requesting information

day 11
only a signal from one pod and the ship. i dont know if maintenance made it out alive, they didnt seem to make it to their pod.
the things are everywhere. leaving for the pod signal tonight

day 12
they are pale and tall. they have so many pointed limbs, some big and some small you cant even tell which are legs and which are arms.
some have more and some have less. getting closer to the other pod

day 13
reunion with security, she was at the other pods landing zone.
a little camp has been built and we might have to eat some things i dont really want to if we dont leave for the ship crash site today

day 14
we walk to the crash sight as little lizard creatures scurry by. they are cute. we are eating them

day 15
we are getting closer to the ship and fighting more aliens. not eating the little lizard creatures maybe that was a mean thought

day 16
found the crash site, surrounded by those creepy tall things. they seem to just phase away when they are scared.
we will make our way around and grab what we can use to survive until help arrives

day 17
we found the guy we came to rescue a little ways away from the campsite. he is sick, very sick.
we are feeding him yummy tang and some foods we had found at the crash site. he is glowing green, what a fun and scary color

day 18
sick guy wants to lead us somewhere but he cant talk. im also getting a new signal from somewhere around the crash.
me and security will communicate through linked coms and will split up. i will go to the crash

day 19
more signals from the crash, ill be there soon. security says she has entered a large mushroom forest.
the group is covered in mush growing out of dead aliens. eww!

day 20
reached the crash site, filled with aliens. signal is coming from deep inside. security thinks she's getting closer to the girl.
the stars are very pretty here at night

day 21
i found the pilot! alive, but suit is broken. they have a theory on the aliens, but need more info.
we will group with security in the mushroom place. the boy with her seems to be dying

day 22
we have entered the mushroom place. security says the boy is definitely dying, but is still leading her somewhere.
we are far behind. the pilot is starting to glow

day 23
attacked! by a very large creature covered in mushrooms, cant even see the body. it screams as it runs, searching for us.
we cant kill it, so we hide. no matter where we go, it finds us. it feels like we are being watched by a million things

day 24
the signal between me and security has been cut. we managed to find the mushroom creatures weakspot and kill it.
we were getting hungry so... pilot is very sick and i feel dread. we will keep going in the direction we were before

day 25
we are lost, but we found something shocking. the body of the girl we came to rescue. she's got mushrooms all around her.
pilot is tired, wants to rest. rest is a good idea. we will dream. dream of what used to make us happy

day ???
time is weird in this dimension. has it been a day? maybe weeks? my interface doesnt know. it is putting my log entries in random places.
there are even entries i didnt write from the future. im trying to organize a few

day 26
(he wont wake up)
(ive tried poking him and everything)
(yes he is still alive)
(sorry about the boy. the girl is gone too)
(ill do research with these alien bodies while i wait for you)
(i think im dying)

day 27
(sorry i used your transmitter)
(i am writing these here for when you wake up)
(i spilled tang onto an alien corpse)
(it warped away, and appeared a few seconds later, but lost one of its limbs)
(i think you will need this information)
(i might die soon)

more entries will be added in bursts as they are created

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