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trouble with fish - april 17 2021, 1:07

hi everyone, and nice to meet those who are new. welcome to my blog! last time I was here, i had lots of fun ideas for this website, and this time is no different in that regard. some of my ideas have changed though, and two of those in particular are regarding "the forest" and "alien story" pages. i've decided that the forest is going to come at a later time as 1. it has been an entire year since i came up with the idea and 2. i have another idea, which i believe i can actually make! as for alien story, the page was a collection of tweets from my twitter account about a story on another planet. i really really liked the story, but it never finished, and if i redo it (which i may) i would start over from the beginning. because of this, i've removed the link to the page for now. the page is still up, though!

now, onto the fun future stuff! i dont want to spoil too much (partly because if i cant make it, it wont happen...) but the theme of the big upcoming update is aquatics!!! i have lots of fun plans, and this update will definitly help me get closer to my goal of having lots of fun stuff to do on the webzone. it shouldn't be long at all until it is done! i would say within like 5 days (probably way less) but then again, the last blogpost was a year ago.

lastly, i want to touch on what happened today. i wanted to get work done for the website, and started learning some new web design stuff for the new update. i thought it would take 30 minutes at most, but i spent a short 7 and a half hours trying to figure out 1 thing! i forgot 2 single brackets in the code, resulting in it not working. luckly, i got it done, so now tomorrow i can start some of the more fun stuff. i hope to see you soon.
thanks for reading. -worms

my thoughts - april 27 2020, 1:56

hi everyone! welcome to the blog. glad you made it! in this spot you will find plans for the site, or just whats on my mind. the pages that i planned to make when i created the site were the homepage, blog, and something called the forest. of course, quickly I had more and more ideas! but i am glad that i can finally check two of those things off. so far, the site itself hasn't been *too* hard to create. i had to relearn a lot of information, but once i figured it out, the ball got rolling. the only thing holding me back right now is my own motivation. i only work on the site when i want to, so often i will find myself wanting to create something, but not doing it because i am lazy.

currently, the plan for the site is to 1 - get the blog and alien story page done, and 2 - create "the forest". with those two things done, i can finally work on the forest! what is the forest? it is going to be an interactive story where you choose where you want to go. it might sound too hard for me to make with my webmaking knowledge, but i think i can do it. if not, i'll just give up!

thats all i really wanted to say in this quick update. thank you for visiting the site. i know its pretty bare right now, but hopefully i can keep getting more fun stuff out there!
thanks for reading. -worms

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